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BioSurFactant Plus

BioSurFactant Plus, (BSF~Plus) is a water based biosurfactant. Used in bioremediation, it offers excellent solubilization and desorption of contaminants in soil and groundwater.

BSF~Plus  has proven to easily form micelles.  Formation of micelles is understood to significantly enhance bioremediation of petroleum and petrochemical contaminants within soil and groundwater by greatly increasing the surface area contact between the water phase, where the petroleum degrading bacteria actually live, and the relatively insoluble target contaminant.  Petroleum degrading bacteria are known to further enhance the degradation process by producing additional surfactants of their own to further enhance the solublization of petroleum.  Individual petroleum degrading bacteria then engulf the tiny solublized  petroleum micelles for use within the bacteria as food for energy and production of additional bacteria.

In addition to aiding with the formation of micelles, BSF~Plus further enhances the bioremediation process by supplying essential nutrients within the BSF~Plus formulation that are needed by the bacteria for healthy growth and development of bacterial cellular material.

Key Advantage of BioSurFactant Plus

            This greatly increases biodegradation of residual NAPL, and therefore accelerates     

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